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Consulting – What makes your company a success?

First2Consult analyzes your IT landscape, decodes your primary success factors and helps you dramatically improve your productivity.

With the help of a tailored analysis, we show you the hidden potential available to you through the use of new technologies and support you in their implementation.


Our consultants assist you in setting and realizing strategic goals for your company. This support incorporates the technology-driven realignment/adaptation of your business processes as well as the provision of forward-looking, efficient IT support for your existing processes.

We accompany you from the strategic planning stage to the implementation and ongoing maintenance of your solution – with the aim of ensuring that you remain competitive on a long-term basis.

Adherence to the fundamental values of openness and transparency has earned us a reputation as prominent advocates of open source software.

As such, we pride ourselves on providing vendor-neutral consulting and frequently make use of open source software in our development of innovative IT solutions.

Our approach incorporates a comprehensive analysis of your business processes and IT landscape. Based on this information, and with your objectives in mind, we develop diverse potential solutions in the areas of:

IT strategy
IT architecture
IT process excellence
Quality management
Process optimization